Thompson Technologies is seeking a Senior Software Engineer responsible for creating product designs and develop fully tested software. We are seeking a candidate who can demonstrate fundamental 3D software engineering skills that are combined with Software Engineering fundamentals.

Candidates should have the ability to combine web development with back-end services and mobile platforms for form complete 3D interactive solutions.

Key Requirements:

B.S. or M.S. degree in Computer Science, Electric Engineering or similar field Extensive experience with Microsoft C# and ASP.NET related technologies Extensive experience with 3D WebGL based technologies (three.js) JavaScript (Angular & Typescript) Solid understanding of Model View ViewModel (MVVM), Prism/MEF/Unity Windows Development using Visual Studio 2015 Web Services (WebSockets) Mobile

Please email a resume if you would like to learn more about this position.

Posted:Dec. 19, 2016, 9:23 p.m.
Location:Atlanta, GA
Company:Thompson Technologies
Experience:WebGL, three.js, C#, 3D,, WPF,