Need estimate from freelance Blend4web savvy programmer for configurator!

We are 3d artists not programmers so need help to make a web page configurator. We can discuss the project in more detail and then need to get an estimate for the programming to pass on to our client.

We will build render and light a range of 3d components for the product (a seat) featured on the web page. Here is a quick generic test

The web visitor should be able to select a few different seat designs and in each design to swap or remove optional components (such as headrest or foot rest). The web visitor should be able to select a color from a standard color picker (i.e. RGB Pantone etc) so they can see how the seats would look, were it to be manufactured with their chosen color palette.

Initially there is no requirement to save the web visitor/users configuration, but it would be nice to provide a 'save what is on screen' button.

The programming should be executed so that it can be applied to new or changed 3d models and components in the future without further deep programming.

The design and look of the user controls (menu select items) should be fairly stylish but this is not the overriding priority.

We have not yet built textured or lit our models. We are happy to receive advice from the programmer and adapt our work so they objects are optimal for the programming task.

Project can be discussed via skype etc. Timezone is PST

Posted:April 6, 2017, 3:58 p.m.
Company:Motor Image Works
Experience:Blender, WebGL, Blend4Web