Stitched (the trading company of Hive & Design) allows customers to customise, visualise and buy soft furnishings online with confidence. From launch (July 2017), we will use a custom WebGL viewer to show customers exactly what their made-to-measure products will look like before they buy them.

Customers select their preferred product, style and any additional features and Stitched generates a customisable, parametric 3D model. The customer then inserts their preferred measurements and the 3D model resizes in real time. Finally the customer chooses fabrics which are rendered onto the model. As the model is generated the price of the product auto-calculates.

Stitched is hiring sharp-minded and curious developers excited to apply emerging visualisation technologies to build the worlds leading made-to-measure home furnishings website.

We are currently looking to hire a full stack developer with significant experience developing e-commerce platforms in Ruby on Rails using Stripe and front-end development with ERB. Candidates must also feel comfortable building on our existing customisation tech (which uses three.js with a React app controlling the parameters which are passed to the renderer). Experience building WebGL applications is also critical.

We believe also that AR will play a crucial role in our product development, so much so we are currently teaming up with computer vision experts from leading universities to explore the commercial opportunities for this new technology. Candidates should be excited by the opportunity to work with our research partners to test and integrate new technologies into the Stitched platform.

If you are interested in the opportunity, please email Elinor Pitt and Will Verrill ( and with a short summary of your experience. We look forward to hearing from you.

Posted:May 22, 2017, 4:09 p.m.
Company:Hive & Design
Experience:Ruby on Rails, three.js, React, WebGL, Maya, Unity + Unreal