We are looking for an experienced webGL developer with good solid background in computer graphics to improve the development of an interactive 3D webViewer, which is implemented based on xBIM viewer: http://docs.xbim.net/examples/creating-wexbim-file.html https://github.com/xBimTeam/XbimWebUI/blob/master/Xbim.WeXplorer/Viewer/vertex_shader.c

The current viewer supports interactive visualization of 3D geometry, where the shader renders geometric objects in solid color, and it does not support rendering features such as textures, reflection, refraction, bump map, etc. We have in-house developed a custom file format, where geometric information of 3D objects are combined with material information (i.e. texture uv coordinates, materials, diffuse, reflection, etc.) which are extracted from the corresponding Obj and Mtl files. Your job is to parse the custom file on the webViewer without breaking the current functionalities, so 3D objects will be shown with their rendering features. Keep in mind that your solution should work for any of our files (they are all created in the same way). Our backend developer would be available to work with you on the front.

Most of the code is complete, and the first part is relatively simple. However, the project has several parts, and if the quality of output is great, we will look forward to working with the developer for a longer term assignment.

Further information will be provided later during our conversation via Skype.

Posted:Feb. 18, 2018, 6:54 a.m.
Company:Salman Co.