I am looking for someone who knows how to successfully upload a Blender file with physics online, ideally through the use of Blend4Web Blender add-on.

Previous attempts to export the Blender file as a .html file upload the simulation online but without working physics and previous attempts to export the Blender file as a .json file save the simulation as two files I am unable to use. Attempts to create a new sample project on the Blend4Web Project Manager Server to then replace the file with my desired Blender file (a method I have seen work for others) for whatever reason, did not work for me.

Someone who could explain why, how to get around this issue, or alternative ways to upload my Blender physics simulation to a website with all its functionality intact would be appreciated.

Posted:July 1, 2018, 10:17 p.m.
Experience:Blend4Web, Blender, Blender add-ons, HTML code, JSON code