Motion US is based in NYC/Brooklyn, working in 3D Interactive Web GL Development.

At minimum, this is part-time freelance (5-10 hrs per week) up until December. However, there have been plenty of other project opportunities coming in that will need help.

I’m looking for a Javascript developer with a focus in 3D WebGL. I don’t much care about which University you have been to. What’s important is whether you can build unique interactive work, demonstrate strong, methodical problem-solving skills, and you are as enthusiastic about learning and advancing your dev skills as I am.

In order of priority, the following are very good but not absolutely necessary:

Three.js library familiarity Technical understanding of 3D Graphics Experience with GLSL shaders Real-time rendering optimization Technical animation knowledge Maya or other 3D software use (modeling, look dev, rendering) Javascript ES6 use Git experience HTML/CSS3 Python Good visualization skills Strong communication Artistic desire and creative ideas Unity experience React experience Bold honesty Quiet modesty

For the right candidate, I’m looking towards a full-time job role and long-term business partnership.

Please feel free to reach out via email and show me your stuff!

Posted:Aug. 24, 2018, 9:53 a.m.
Location:US-based, remote
Company:Motion US
Experience:WebGL, 3D Rendering